The Tennessee Life was born from the inspiration of a lifelong Midwesterner (Chicago) having been relocated to the beautiful Upper Cumberland area of Middle Tennessee.

Rural Tennessee is largely the sort of place that people don’t choose… but find that it chooses them. 

This is exactly the feeling that came over a young family from the suburbs of Chicago… tired of the hustle and bustle of “big city life” and all that goes along with it. 

In May of 2020, during the very beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, this young homeschool family felt a draw to escape the coronavirus-induced lockdown of the entire Chicagoland area, and planned a visit to Allons, TN, to take a trip to visit family.

What they found when they arrived is the inspiration for this site. 

The Volunteer State
Southern hospitality
Faith-based lifestyle
Abundance of outdoor recreation
Beautiful surroundings
Charming town squares
Perfectly moderate weather
Very affordable entertainment

In short… they found home. 

After extending a one week trip into two, they discussed a mutual “feeling” that they felt that Tennessee should be their new home. 

Within that five month month period between May and October 2020, this family went from escaping Chicago for a week to packing up everything they knew in Illinois and relocating in the beautiful town of Livingston, TN. 

Since then, based on establishing an entirely new “family” in Tennessee, The Tennessee Life was born as a way to share all the amazing things that have been discovered about life in Tennessee. 

The Tennessee Life is on a mission to help with the relocation process of any other families that get a “feeling” that Tennessee is where they should call home.

We are well positioned to:

  • Explain all the reasons why Tennessee is the greatest state in the country
  • Help you determine which part of Tennessee is the best fit for you
  • and most importantly… provide you with resources and connections to make your relocation to Tennessee simple and enjoyable

We are excited to serve as a “tourism guide” for you, as well as connecting you with stories from lifelong residents (perspective), knowledgeable realtors to help you find your new dream home, and useful guides and maps to all of the funnest things to do in Tennessee!

Get Your Comprehensive Tennessee DICTIONARY!

Trust us… you will need this when visiting or planning to move to Tennessee.

We do speak English in Tennessee, but without this trusty guide, you will constantly find yourself wondering what people just said.

This handy guide will help you navigate through all the wonderful things Tennessee has to offer!